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Here at Brookside Cattery Ltd, Preston, Lancashire We have the technology so that you are able to leave your cat at ease knowing that your cat is in safe company and you can view your cat online at any time.

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Welcome to Brookside Cattery Ltd...

Here at Brookside Cattery we offer Friendly & Personal care.

Welcome to Brookside Cattery Ltd... We are based in Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire. I am Donna and I run the cattery with my husband Barrie, we opened the cattery in 1998. we take pride in making sure your pets stay is as pleasant for them as possible, we offer excellent cat housing, good food with plenty of love and attention by real cat loving owners.

We are fully licensed and inspected annually by the Environmental Health Department of Preston City Council and we also have 24 hour Vet call out services within the facility.

Cattery Luxury at Brookside Cattery

Brookside Cattery is located in the rural parts of Preston with local wildlife providing a comfortable atmosphere for the animals.

Brookside Cattery Ltd Services

Small Pet Boarding

We have the facilities to home Rabbits & guinea pigs in our Hutches.

Warm air central heating

We have large warm air control heated pens with double glazing so your pet can feel right at home.

Family Pens

We also accommodate families of up to 6.

Security Lighting

We have security lighting around the whole building to ensure your Pet's safety and well being.

Dog WalkingRecommended

We recommed an affilate of ours who provides dog walking services.